NSVU's generosity shines: aid for ill and special needs children of naval personnel

In a heartwarming display of generosity, the Navy Seva Vanitha Unit (NSVU) extended its support to an ailing child of Leading Seaman PI Premarathna and 03 special needs daughters of Able Seaman JW Croose. Accordingly, the President of NSVU, Mrs Mala Lamahewa made financial donations for those children on 26th June 2024.

The 02 serving sailors have requested assistance from NSVU to help meet the needs of their children. In response to a request from the President of NSVU from the Mahamevnawa Meditation Center in Melbourne, Australia, an opportunity was created to support the needs of these sailors. Accordingly, it has been agreed that starting from May 2024, each sailor will receive Rs. 10,000.00 for a period of one year. On 26th June, under the patronage of the President of NSVU, the first installment of remittances, amounting to Rs. 10,000.00, was presented to each sailor.

The Coordinating Officer, Secretary and the staff of NSVU were also present on this occasion.