NSVU provides meals and dry rations to janitorial staff

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, the Navy Seva Vanitha Unit (NSVU) stepped up to support the essential workforce of janitorial staff at Navy Headquarters Wardroom, SLNS Gemunu Wardroom and Navy General Hospital. Accordingly, the President of NSVU, Mrs Mala Lamahewa with the members of the organization on 21st May 2024 provided lunch and dry rations to 50 members of janitorial staff.

Going by an idea mooted by the President of NSVU, the generous gesture was carried out to coincide with the Vesak festival, celebrated on 23rd May 2024.

The senior executive committee member of NSVU, Mrs Kumari Ranasinghe, NSVU committee members, Coordinating Officer, Secretary and the staff of NSVU were also present on this occasion.