President of NSVU inspects projects at SLNS Gemunu

The President of Navy Seva Vanitha Unit (NSVU), Mrs Mala Lamahewa visited the Seva Vanitha projects being conducted at the naval establishment SLNS Gemunu on 24th January 2023.

Accordingly, the Abans Showroom, Beauty Parlour, Batik Centre, Flower Decoration Unit, Agricultural Project, Yoghurt Project, Bakery, Canteen and Preschool conducted under the auspices of the Navy Seva Vanitha Unit were inspected by the President of NSVU. Sharing a light moment with the staff members of respective projects, the President appreciated their roles and encouraged them to continue their duties with the same level of enthusiasm.

Naval Officer in Charge (Welisara) Commodore SR Rupasena, Commanding Officer SLNS Gemunu, Captain AMD Amarakoon, Officers in Charge of NSVU projects at SLNS Gemunu, NSVU Secretary and the members Navy Seva Vanitha Unit were also present on this occasion.