NSVU organizes a special pilgrimage to Mihinthalaya

To coincide with the Poson full moon poya day, Navy Seva Vanitha Unit (NSVU) organized a special pilgrimage to Mihinthalaya Viharaya, under the auspices of the President of the NSVU, Mrs. Yamuna Wijegunaratne on 08th June 2017. Disabled naval war heroes, members of naval families, members residing at family quarters and a host of naval personnel attached to the Eastern, Southern and Western Naval Commands attended this pilgrimage organized under the guidance of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne.

Approximately 100 members from each command took part in this pilgrimage with great sense of devotion. NSVU had made all the arrangements such as; transport and medical facilities and all three meals including tea ready for the devotees who took part in this tour. Further, a special Dharma Deshana had also been organized under the patronage of the Chief Incumbent of the Mihinthalaya Viharaya, on behalf of the devotees.

The naval personnel and their family members who participated in this religious tour extended their gratitude to the Commander of the Navy and President of the NSVU for organizing a meritorious cause of this nature.